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Stichting ICT4Kids
ING Bank 5814003
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ABN Amro Bank
Nora Global Advisory Company
Account number 60 45 51 169

Chamber of Commercer: 09179898
VAT number NL123242812B01

IBAN: N135ABNA0604551169

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Nora Global Advisory Company ICT

Introduction and background

Nora Global Advisory Company was established in 2008, and is a free lance based company.
With several years of international experience on project development in Africa and India and working in a rich and professional environment, Nora uses her gained expertise on a small scale level for newcomers in the field of social development. Nora has a network of a few stable and professional organisations to guarantee quality and best practices.


Nora's mission is to be part of programs and projects that enhances the empowerment of individuals, especially women and youth, and communities to become self sustainable and independent by developing cross cultural activities and projects, using ICT and Education as powerful tools. By sharing and transferring knowledge to societies where there is a great need for new skills and methods, it will contribute to poverty reduction, gender equity and leadership development. All projects will contribute to one or more Millennium Goals  and are developed in an academic environment in order to create professionality and quality.

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Nora's social development projects focus on ict and education with a strong focus on knowledge transfer. Mainly we work in developing countries like Africa, South America and India. Capacity building and sustainability are key factors of success for our mutual projects, such as telecentres and youth ict training programs. Gender and empowerment is also an important aspect in every project. Nora also delivers consultancy services and website development, hosting and translation in several languages for affordable prices, also on low budget scale



Nora, or Norah (Arabic: نورا), is a feminine personal name of Arabic origin meaning "light". It has also similar Latin origin meaning "the bright one" or "honor"


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